Mastery Math Club turns equations into competition at Cunningham Intermediate

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At Cunningham Intermediate School, students are obsessed with a game that turbocharges their progress in math.

Cunningham Intermediate School Math Masters

STEM Skills Development

Cunningham Intermediate School, BeloitAs schools look for ways to improve STEM skills among students, educator Shawn Petitt has turned math into a competitive contest where sixth-grade students can become a MATH MASTER. In the process, they’re jumping months ahead of grade level curriculum through self-guided learning, much of which is done after school.

“If we get through all seven levels we get to have a Tilley’s Pizza lunch,” said Brandon Mongeon.

“If we win we get to sit in these chairs during class,” said Cavari Kramer

“We enjoy math. We think it’s fun,” said Brianna Gempeler.

“Most of the tasks won’t be taught in class until late this spring, yet I find students in competition and teaching themselves in order to meet the rigorous requirements of the game,” said Pettit, who created Mastery Math Club for students.

High achievers can win personal pizza lunch with the teacher, seating privileges an engraved medal and the title of MATH MASTER for their achievements.

Students must complete seven levels of math curriculum to reach Master status. A sticker chart outside of Pettit’s classroom shows progress that club members make.

“It kind of makes you proud when you walk by and see how many stickers you have,” said Sebastian Grajeda.

Mr. Pettit says that all students do regular math curriculum. But the competition challenges students to achieve, which someday they may realize is a reward in itself.

“Regardless if they make it to Master or not, it will make them better students,” Pettit said.

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Shawn Petitt | Cunningham Intermediate SchoolShawn Petitt
6th Grade Teacher – Cunningham