School Enrollment FAQs

1. Where do I go for school enrollment and what do I need?

School enrollment is centralized for the School District of Beloit. So no matter what school your child will be attending, you can enroll at the Kolak Education Center, 1633 Keeler Avenue, Beloit. The Central Enrollment Office is 8 am to 4:30 pm. We ask that parents have the following at the time of enrollment: child’s birth certificate, child’s immunization record, proof of residency (such as a utility bill), and parent identification (such as a driver’s license).

2. What are school hours and school year calendar?

The school year calendar (containing such dates as first/last day of school, parent-teacher conferences and days of no school) can be found on our back to school page of our website. There you can also find school hours from 4K to high school.

3. How do I change my address and telephone number?

Changes can be made by stopping in at the Central Enrollment Office.

4. Where can I find out information about my child?

The School District of Beloit offers secure, online access (Skyward Family Access) for parents to check their child’s information from lunch balances to grades and attendance. Payments for school lunch can also be made through this system. Parents are also welcome to call, email or stop by their child’s school office with any questions or concerns, in addition to calling or emailing their child’s teachers.

5. How do I know which school neighborhood I live in?

To verify which elementary or middle school district you live in, please call either the Central Enrollment Office at 361-4171/361-4170 or the Business Services Office at 361-4007. Other choices such as enrolling in the charter school (RCAA), online school, Beloit Learning Academy or another district school offering unique programming such as Dual Language Immersion or Single Gender classrooms, are available; please check in with the Central Enrollment Office for more information.

6. What are the immunization requirements for my child’s grade level?

SDB Enrollment Immunization

The requirements can be waived for health, religious or personal conviction reasons. Parents have until the 30th day of school as a grace period. More information on immunizations can be found on the state’s Department of Health Services website:

Download (PDF, 1.38MB)

7. Are physicals required for school?

While physical exams are not required for general school attendance, they are recommended. Physical exams are required for playing secondary school sports (as explained during the seasonal mandatory athletic meetings). The form to fill out can be found on the WIAA website.  Forms are also available at Aldrich, McNeel, and BMHS.

8. How can I find out if my child is eligible for school bus transportation?

Pre-K through 3rd grade students who reside 1 or more miles walking distance from the student’s resident school or live in a designated hazard area will be eligible for bus transportation. 4th through 8th grade students who reside 2 or more miles walking distance from the student’s resident school or live in a designated hazard area will be eligible for bus transportation. A few hazard areas exist for high school students that qualify them for bus transportation.

To apply for busing, fill out the form found at Durham School Services | Beloit School District. There you will find the Registration Page for Beloit Schools. Forms are also available in the Central Enrollment and Business Services Offices at the Kolak Education Center, 1633 Keeler Avenue, Beloit. Questions regarding school bus routes or pick up points can be answered by Durham School Services at 608-362-2628.

City bus service may also be available in your area to transport students. City bus maps can be picked up at the Beloit Transit Office or on the City Transit webpage.

Reimbursement is available for parents transportation students to local parochial schools, contact Business Services at 608-361-4007 for more information.

Other transportation points: If you choose open enrollment for your child, transportation will be the responsibility of the family. If your child has a medical condition, please contact your child’s school. If your child is a special education student requiring busing, please contact the Special Education Office at 608-361-4020. Any other questions can be referred to the Business Office at 608-361-4007.

9. How do I apply for free meals for my child?

Breakfast is free to all students in the district, regardless of income, and offered at each school every day. Lunch is also free to all students in the district this year, regardless of income, at all schools every day. No application is needed for free meals.

10. Where is general information about back-to-school details such as school supply lists?

For back-to-school supply lists, orientation nights, school hours and more, please visit our Back-to-School site.

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