The Reading Tour | 2017

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The Reading Tour was completed yesterday morning!

I would like to say thank you to all our Reading Specialists in the District, and a special shout out to Mrs. Steudemann and Mrs. Westbury!! This would not have happened without their collaboration.

Also, thank you to the teachers that allowed our student-athletes to come into your classrooms and read to your students! Our student-athletes had a great time reading and interacting with your students.

After watching them read and answer numerous questions, there is no doubt we have some outstanding young people! The excitement and feedback from them will make the next tour so much better!

If you see any of these BMHS student-athletes, please give them a pat on the back for a job well done!

Angel Zuniga
Bailey Cronin
Brianne Swanson
Chloe Day
Cheyenne Stavyn
Darchelle Funchess
Deo Edwards
Drew Freitag
Gabriela Arreguin
Jaelen Jones
Javis McClendon​
​Jennifer Aldama
Jorge Castellanos
Lindsey Soria
Lizzie Sage​
Lorenzo Amador
Marcela Arreguin
Marissa Miller
Nik Carpenter
Presely Sand
Sydnee Marshall
Ter’Rayjanay Peppers
Vivian Hernandez
Yolanda Johnson