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The Wisconsin State Open Enrollment program is all about choices and timing.

  • Teachers & Community
  • All-day 4K – Five Days a Week
  • Technology & Your Child
  • Before & After School Programming
  • Diversity & Languages
  • Parents & Inolvement

“The small class sizes allow our teachers to give more one-on-one attention to students to make that connection, finding that student’s interests even outside the school. Not just academics but to create a family type atmosphere, with respect and a great learning environment.”
~ Brandye Hereford | Principal, Gaston Elementary School

“One of the beautiful features of the School District of Beloit is we are a community authentically doing life. Some times little people come into the day and they’ve had a hard night. And Monday mornings are hard and some times we just take those moments to embrace each other.”
~ Marcia Jordahl | District/Building Reading Specialist, Robinson Elementary School

“We don’t have to teach diversity in the School District of Beloit because our children live it every day.” “And I think that starting out young and learning that helps them to become productive adults. You learn so much more about the world when you’re in an environment that offers you those differences.”
~ Terri Ross | National Board Certified Teacher, Merrill Elementary School

“It gets them started early, they’re getting the social skills they need, they’re going to build relationships with teachers, they’re going to be familiar with the school, the classroom, familiar with being on a schedule. They’re just overall great skills to learn.
~ Amber Ball | 4K Teacher, Robinson Elementary School

“Dual Language Immersion allows students to learn in two languages, in Spanish and English. They have to use their environmental cues, they have to be focused on the teacher. The research also suggests their focus becomes a lot better because of that.”
~ Rosamaria Laursen | ELL/DLI Program Manager

“I can tell you about the fabulous teachers, the high expectations we have for all children and the amazing community involvement but to be honest, you really need to come in and see it for yourself. Then you’ll really know.”
~ Betsy Schroeder | Principal, Merrill Elementary School

The timing is now for students, statewide, wanting to move on from attending the district they reside in and instead attend one of their choice for the 2016-2017 school year.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment Period

February 1 through April 29, 2016
For the 2016-2017 School Year

Enroll Your Student Today

One district offering a multitude of opportunities is the School District of Beloit.

“The biggest reason students come to the Beloit School District is because of choices,” says Melissa Badger, district Community Relations Coordinator.

What those choices mean:

PK and elementary school students:

Intermediate school students:

High School students:

  • College-bound students | At 26 AP courses BMHS offers more AP offerings than any school in the region including: Studio Art 2-D and 3-D, Studio Art Drawing, Art History, Macro Economics and Micro Economics (offered through Odyssey), Computer Science, Language and Literature, Literature and Composition, Statistics, Calculus AB and BC, European History, Human Geography, Psychology, US Government, US History, World History, Environmental Science, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry, Biology, French, Spanish and Music Theory.
  • Career & technical training | REACH Advanced Career Education. The State-of-the-art, comprehensive Career and Technical Education Center with construction and machining labs; early childhood education; hospitality, health and computer sciences, Student House Build program and many more choices with assistance from local businesses and advisory committee.
  • Performing arts opportunities through band, jazz band, pep band, orchestra, choir and theater.
  • Many extracurricular activities, sports and clubs including cyBER, the Beloit Engineering Robotics club.
  • All students are supplied with iPads.
  • Ongoing investment in improved facilities including, Pool, Cardio & Strength Fitness Center, Knight Spot, Theatre and Tennis Courts.


About The School District Of Beloit


The Beloit Memorial Lip Dub

Alternative learning Opportunities:

Exceptional Teaching Staff:

Year after year Beloit schools earn statewide recognition for excellence. In addition, Badger says, “We have a highly qualified staff, many who have gone beyond earning bachelor’s degrees. We have six National Board Certified teachers with more in the pipeline and more than any other district in the region.

We want to be the top district in Wisconsin by both percent and number of NBC teachers, and we’re on our way!”

The Beloit School District Advantage:

Diversity. Our choice in the Beloit School District is to celebrate and welcome diversity because we see this as one of our core strengths and a unique advantage.

More and more our children’s community life, personal and professional lives will be ones that incorporate diversity. Consider, would you like your child to be introduced to others unlike themselves as an adult or to gain an appreciation for others as they grow and develop through their childhood. We believe the later is best for our children, their future, the community and world we share together.

Diversity in race, cultural heritage, religion, “socio-economics”, family background, politics… you name it. This is what we are about. It is in fact a source of pride, our strength and a unique opportunity we can provide your child. We make no guarantees. Students and their families must choose to take advantage of the broad opportunities available and apply themselves but regionally unique opportunities and a demonstrated exceptional education await those willing to take full advantage.

If you and your family value diversity, if your child would benefit from a school culture that welcomes diversity we would love for you to be a part of our community.
Please join us.

Enroll Your Student Today

 The Beloit School District Community:

School District of Beloit News

School District of Beloit News

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School District of Beloit | Main Site

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