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Ask Jordan Mickey’s mother Melody to talk about her relationship with the School District of Beloit and she will tell you about a partnership.

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Student of the Week
March 14, 2017

Early School Experiences

As Jordan prepares to graduate with the Beloit Memorial Class of 2017, Melody is reflecting on a combined effort, including much hard work on the part of her daughter who is planning to pursue a career in the field that has given her much – education.

“The School District of Beloit has been an important factor in Jordan’s education,” Melody emphasizes. “Having an on-going communication line between school and home was an important tool. Together we were able to guide Jordan to set her goals high and together we were able for her to reach these goals.”

“Jordan began her education with the School District of Beloit in the Pre-Kindergarten program at Burdge Elementary School,” continues Melody, who added, “It was while in the Pre-K program that she received recognition for her behavior and leadership in receiving the Martin Luther King Award.

“Jordan attended Burdge School through the fifth grade. She was a proud member of Miss Ulvin’s Traveling Troupe and enjoyed performing at various functions. In Mrs. Richin’s second grade, she participated in Destination Imagination and explored many possibilities. She found her love of math and history,” explains Melody, adding, “many thanks to her teachers at Burdge School.”

“Attending middle school at McNeel helped Jordan grow in many areas. She was able to expand her love of math with Mrs. Henke in algebra and geometry. This enabled her to take more extensive math classes at Memorial High School. Mr. Jacobson’s history class increased her love for history. While attending McNeel, the school organized its Junior National Honor Society and Jordan was a charter member.

Jordan Mickey and friends

Extracurricular & AP

“The foundation laid by her elementary and middle school experiences enabled Jordan to approach high school with confidence and excitement. It was fortunate for Jordan to become involved with choir and Mr. Truby’s electrifying personality. The classroom time, performances and social activities with the music department were one of a kind!”

“At Beloit Memorial,” Melody says, “The AP classes available to students …are such an asset. Jordan was able to receive college credits in both history and mathematics. Her AP teachers, Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. Prowse and Mr. Stuedemann, challenged her and encouraged her to do her very best. Their guidance and friendship have set the goals for Jordan’s desire to become an educator.”

“Additionally,” Melody says, “Jordan participated in the Hospitality Service III and Community Program with Mr. Capozziello. ‘Mr. C’ helped her explore aspects of every-day living ranging from joining the workforce to purchasing a vehicle to filing income tax.”

Jordan Mickey | Chior

Keeping Informed

Noting that Jordan has been awarded the Collins-Clark Scholarship through the Stateline Community Foundation and will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to major in education, Melody reflects, “I always knew what was happening at school and how it was affecting Jordan. Phone calls from and to school kept me well informed. The district’s website was also available with a wealth of information. Parent — teacher conferences were another means of communication where her teacher, Jordan and I could go over her performance and make plans for her future. The guidance — counselor department at Beloit Memorial High School is second to none.”

“As a parent, I feel one of the most valuable gifts I can give to my daughter is listening to her. Together we can accomplish great things!”

School Bio

Jordan mickey has been selected as a Rotary Student of the Week. She is the daughter of melody Mickey and Roy Hanna Jr. 

Jordan has been a High Honor Roll student all four years at Beloit Memorial receiving awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement. She has received the Superintendent Scholars Award, Minority Scholars Award, along with department awards in Mathematics and World Languages. Jordan is a member of the BMHS National Honor Society and a Beloit College Porter Scholar.

At BMHS, Jordan has been involved with the BMHS Choir and the Hospitality Co-op program. 

Outside of BMHS, Jordan volunteers at Gatson Elementary, the Boys and Girls Club Camp Rotamer and the Janesville Rotary Corn Boil. Jordan is employed at McDonalds.

Jordan plans to attend Beloit College to major in Education.