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Do your best. That is what Beloit Memorial senior Jarrett Malizio was taught at home and and in the classroom, from Kindergarten on.

Jarrett Malizio and Father, John

Jarrett Malizio and his Dad, John

Rotary Club of Beloit | Student of the weekRotary Club of Beloit
Student of the Week
October 2014

Transitions Aided By Teachers

Jarret’s acceptance of that challenge and the ability of district teachers to support this ideal are especially clear as he completes high school here, says his father John Malizio.

Beginning in Kindergarten at Morgan School, Jarrett found teachers who were dedicated to identifying each student’s strengths and helping them in whatever ways were needed, John says.

“This started with Jarrett’s Kindergarten teacher, Michele Anyanwu,” says John, who notes that Jarrett’s stepmother and teacher Kellie Wehrlie-Malizio has had a strong role in Jarrett’s success.

“Mrs. Anyanwu provided a great transition from home to school,” he says, adding that she brought out the best in Jarret and that this continued during his years at Morgan.

Following the transition years of middle school at Aldrich, John says, Jarrett moved into his four years of high school welcomed by teachers and coaches who are dedicated to helping students be all they can be.

Jarrett Malizio | Beloit Memorial High School

Appreciation for Teachers

“Mrs. Prowse, who Jarrett had for math is one of those teachers,” John says, noting that his son is now helping her as a class assistant.

In the same way, John says, “Mr. Stuedemann has had a huge impact of Jarrett, teaching him how to be a successful high school student.

“Beloit often gets a bad wrap,” John says, “but we have so many outstanding teachers here… They are very good at forming bonds with students. And that is very important today when you have broken homes and other problems. It’s all about forming bonds with kids.”

NISCA Academic Award Winners | Beloit Tide 2015

Tide Swimmers. 1st Row, Academic All-Americans including Jarrett Malizio | Row 2 & 3, Academic All-State

Appreciation for Coaches

Such bonds have also been created between BMHS coaches and Jarret, John says, explaining that Jarrett played hockey his first two years of high school and then decided to try swimming with Coach Richard Vogel.

“Mr. Vogel motivated Jarret to be the best he can be,” John says. “Jarrett knew how to swim went he went out for the team, but he had never done competitive swimming.

Under Mr. Vogel, he became the most improved first-year swimmer last year.” That is why, John says, his son lettered in swimming as a first year team member, after having lettered in hockey as well as cross-country and soccer.

Between the academic and athletic opportunities with outstanding leadership, John says, there is no better place for a student to receive their high school education and prepare for life after.

Jarrett Malizio | Beloit Hocket

Appreciation for Unique Opportunities

“The opportunities are here in this school district,” he says, “It is just a matter of taking advantage of them. The number of AP offerings is amazing. Jarrett already has over a dozen college credits and that will mean saving a huge amount of money. But the more important thing is the preparation through these courses.”

Lastly, but not in any way the least, John says, the diversity that is part of our schools encourages students to appreciate others now and in the future.

Noting that he is extremely proud of is son and the young man he has become while at Beloit Memorial, John stresses, “Our high school is the only one of its kind in the area.”

School Bio

Jarrett Malizio has been selected as a Rotary Student of the Week.
His is the son of John Malizio.

Jarrett has been a High Honor Roll student all four years at Beloit Memorial receiving awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement along with maintaining a cumulative 4.00. He has earned the Superintendent’s Scholar Award and the Physical Education Department Award. Jarrett is a member of the BMHS National Honor Society.

Jarrett has been involved with the BMHS Increscent Newspaper and FBLA. Athletically, he is a member of the BMHS Boys Swim, Cross Country, Soccer and Hockey teams. Jarrett has earned the Purple Tide Most Improved Award in swimming.

Jarrett volunteers with Kids Against Hunger and enjoys Health and Fitness activities.

Jarrett would like to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to major in Business or Computer Science.