First In The Nation For Academics – Beloit Memorial Lady Tide

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Beloit Memorial High School Girls Swim Team was ranked NUMBER ONE in the nation for Academics for the 2014-15 Season. NISCA each year awards academic recognition for H.S. swim teams.

NISCA National Academic Award Champions 2014-15 - Girls Swim Team | Beloit Memorial High School

NISCA National Academic Award Champions 2014-15 – Girls Swim Team | Beloit Memorial High School

Ten Years In A Row
Award Winning Academic Excellence

NISCA | National Interscholastic Swim Coaches AssociationThis represents “Lady Tide”, the Beloit Memorial High School Girls Swim Team’s tenth straight year earning Gold level ranking on the NISCA (National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association) list of swim teams recognized for scholarship.

It has become a tradition of academic and athletic excellence. It marks Lady Tide and the Beloit Memorial High School community as cultivating a tradition of exceptional STUDENT athletes.

With a combined 3.974 grade point, the 2014-15 team gave new meaning to the old saying that cream continually rises to the top.

The Lady Tide’s academic accomplishments are cheered on many levels by the 2015-16 team that is about to dive into its season and is determined to make as big of a splash.

Current swimmers and parents alike say they share an appreciation for team philosophies and character, and encourage upcoming families to consider Lady Tide swimming as part of their BMHS experience.

Student and Parent Comments

Number One In The Nation for Academics

Number One In The Nation for Academics

Senior and team captain Caroline Locke, one of four team captains for this year, says receiving last year’s top award was season highlight along with the team doing well in competition, says, “It is really special. We know we’re students before athletes. It’s our tradition. Our coaches really push us to do well at school.

“It’s one of those things,” she continues, “where you go in knowing you need to try really hard. We know we are obviously not Olympic swimmers but becoming good students and well-rounded people is what we need to do for our future.”

Senior and team captain Cecelia (Cece) Cardenas says always knowing previous teams had outstanding grades is a little daunting, but also challenging and motivating. “It is kind of scary. But we always have a lot of girls on the team who work very hard and have the intelligence and capacity to do very well. It will be very hard to get first again. But we will work hard and everyone helps and encourages each other.”

Team captain and senior Grace Roegner reiterates, “We make goals every year two or three weeks into practice. Our number one is to get gold award again.

Fellow team captain and senior Maggie Gianvecchio adds, “Our coaches are always encouraging us to go to out teachers and talk to them. They tell us to go get any help we need to.”

Sophomore Heaven Wells immediately found a focus on excellence when she became a part of the team as a freshman. “Everyone pushes each other,” she says, explaining that if someone is struggling with an assignment or in a class, others offer help.

Parents, Sara Roegner, Dr. Chris Gianvecchio and Lisa Wells all say they believe swimming attracts dedicated students who value their academics as well as the sport. To swim competitively demands dedication because of the hours of practice, before and after school, Gianvecchio explains. Individual dedication, they emphasize, is helped by the fact that swimmers help one another academically by studying together.

An Extended Family

Often, swimmers note, they are in the same classes, including many AP classes, and so study together as often as possible.

This sense of support comes out of the fact that the team functions as a family, according to swimmers and parents. Swimmers say they spend much time together, aside from in the water and studying. They have dinners, sleepovers and family get-togethers.

“We have become a family,” says Mrs. Roegner who notes that Grace’s older sister Meghan, Class of 2012, was a swimmer. The Roegners, she says, found the same family feeling then.

Caroline Locke says the same was also true when her older sister Maggie was a Lady Tide swimmer and that her younger brother is a swimmer too and looking forward to boys’ high school swimming where there is the same family spirit.

“The team is like my family,” says Cardenas, “because when we are in the water we are not always trying to be better than each other, we are trying to help each other and help make each other better.” Cardenas notes that this is among the reasons her older brother chose to be a high school swimmer as well.

Locke and all swimmers as well as parents were also quick to encourage younger families to join the swimming programs that lead to the Lady Tide and Men’s Tide swimming.

Mrs. Roegner says, “I would encourage anybody to join in. Coaches are developing the program in earlier grades and that is awesome. I think our coaches do a really great job getting kids to come out.”

Locke says, “I think swimming in general is very import life skill. We have some swimmers who don’t know how to swim and we have to teach them. But this is a really fun part. We teach them to swim, strokes… and rules. They become part of the swim family… Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Skill level doesn’t matter.”

Our 2015-16 Team

Lady Tide 2015-16 Team - Joanna Denson pic

Lady Tide 2015-16 Team – Joanna Denson pic

A Community Of Support

Noting that doing well in competition is important, and that memorable moments include setting new records and qualifying for regionals and state meets, varsity swimmers are quick to mention that they are most appreciative of their team support while competing.

As Gianvecchio says, “I remember one time I set one of my personal records for one of my favorite events. My whole team was there. Everyone there was cheering me on. They were right there by my side. Even when I was in the water, I could still hear them.”

Such character and the teams’ gold medal academics are also very good for the district and the community as a whole say the Wells.

Mrs. Wells, who says Heaven has an older sister and brother who graduated from BMHS with outstanding experiences, although in different sports. She says that coaches and teachers are superb in their support and encouragement.

And, as her daughter says, “Too many people doubt Beloit. People didn’t think we’d be first in the nation.” Stressing that the Lady Tide are representative of all of Beloit Memorial High School, she concluded, “Actually we’re just one great community

Lady Tide Seniors 2015-16 Season - Joanna Denson pic

Lady Tide Seniors 2015-16 Season – Joanna Denson pic

Team Captains:

Senior Maggie Gianvecchio: Fourth year Varsity. Specializes in freestyle events — 50, 100, 200 relay. Swimming competitively since sixth grade. Attended Morgan Elementary School and Aldrich Middle School. Enjoys BMHS Student Senate activities such as Homecoming and teacher appreciation events. Looking forward to college.

Senior Grace Roegner: Fourth year Varsity. Swims 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke and relays. Began swimming competitively the summer after fourth grade. Attended Morgan, Aldrich. Also enjoys Student Senate and participates in basketball and track. Planning to swim in college.

Senior Cece CiCi Cardenas: Fourth year Varsity. Started swimming programs in second grade. Attended Robinson Elementary and Aldrich. Swims 500. Plays BMHS soccer in spring. Planning to major in Spanish and a science in college to prepare for medical school and career as a pediatrician.

Senior Caroline Locke: Fourth year Varsity. Lives on Rock River here and so learned to swim very early. Swims 100 butterfly and various events. Student Senate president and member of French Club. Interested in studying graphic design and engineering in college.

Beloit Memorial High School Pool

Beloit Memorial High School Pool

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Coaching Staff:

Kim Waite | Lady Tide Head CoachKim Waite
Head Coach Lady Tide/Asst. Boys Coach
BMHS Athletic Department

Coach Richard Vogel | BMHS Purple TideRichard F. Vogel
Head Boys Coach/Asst. Girls Coach