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All the world has become a stage for Beloit Memorial senior Emma Corum, in the sense that she feels prepared for each and every role she pursues in college and after.

Emma Corum Rotary

Rotary Club of Beloit | Student of the week

Rotary Club of Beloit
Student of the Week
September 2016

Emma’s Turn

That is according to Emma’s parents Melissa and Will Corum who say Emma’s Beloit education and school experiences, including the BMHS Theatre Department, are worth a standing ovation.

The same was true, she says, for Emma’s older sister, “Our oldest daughter, Megan ‘14, now a junior at Lawrence University in Appleton, was featured three years ago, so it is fun for Emma to have a turn.”

Tight-knight School Community

Beginning at the beginning of the family’s story here, Melissa says, “We moved to Beloit after college and purchased a house on the west side near Gaston School shortly before Emma was born. We still live in that same house, and are proud west-siders!

“The Beloit School District has been a great fit for Emma. She has been nurtured by a succession of teachers since Gaston elementary, many of whom still cheer on her successes, such as Sue Brunson and Dawn Harris. She started participating in theatre at a young age with KFAD (Kids Fun and Drama), and her middle school drama directors, Stephanie Hormig and Lori Gustafson, further encouraged and supported her passions. They both attend BMHS Theatre productions, which illustrates our tight-knit school community.”

Emma Corum

Her School Family

“At BMHS,” Melissa continues, “Emma has had some truly amazing teachers, such as Gary Studemann, Deb Prowse, Sara Johnson and her mentor, Greg Wallendal (of the Theatre Department). Each of these remarkable educators has played a huge role in shaping her into an intelligent, caring, questioning adult who is driven to succeed. Her current favorite class is AP U.S. Government with James Hoey. She’s found the class especially valuable during this election season. AP Language was instrumental in helping her find her writing voice and giving her the skills to succeed in a college-level course.”

Turning to the stage, Melissa says, “Theatre has been a central part of Emma’s life since she was 7 years old. She found her home in the award-winning BMHS Theatre Department and has been cast in each production since her freshman year. She’s been a gingerbread man, a grandma, a fairy and a monkey, to name a few. Last summer, she traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland with BMHS to perform in the Fringe Festival, the world’s largest arts festival.  Spending two weeks in Europe taught her independence and resilience — their luggage was lost for several days! — as well as opened her eyes to the world outside of the Midwest.  She’s also been able to grow in leadership positions within the theatre, such as organizing Drama Day for elementary school students or helping with the student-led hayride each year. In fact, her work with younger students through the theatre is what awakened her passion for teaching and she’s now considering double majoring in elementary education, along with theatre.

Beyond theatre, Melissa says, “Emma was also involved in the music department with Jacob Truby (who is no longer at BMHS). He had a tremendous impact on her and instilled a love for singing as well as promoted a strong family atmosphere in the department. She was lucky to travel to Washington, D.C. with the choir, along with visits to various colleges. Additionally, she has participated in The Increscent, Link Crew, National Honor Society and Student Senate.”

BMHS Theatre In Scotland

BMHS Theatre Group in Scotland

Looking Forward

All told, Melissa adds, “As the college acceptance letters start to arrive, we have no doubt that Emma has been well-prepared for whatever comes next. She’s excelled in several AP classes and is a Beloit College Porter Scholar, so we know she has the skills to succeed in college level coursework. Thanks to BMHS’ great AP program, she will enter college with quite a few college credits, allowing her to pursue her passions sooner. Additionally, because of our wonderfully diverse community, she’s been taught how to relate to many different kinds of people with varied beliefs and ideas, and she’s learned how to advocate for herself to achieve her goals. Beloit will always be her home, but she’s ready to take her place on the world’s stage.”

School Bio

Emma Corum has been selected as a Rotary Student of the Week. She is the daughter of Will and Melissa Corum.

Emma has beena  High Honor Roll student all four years at Beloit Memorial receiving awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement along with maintaining a cumulative GPA of 4.00. She has received the Superintendent Scholars Award and the Ap Scholar with Honors Award. Emma is a member of the BMHS National Honor Society and a Beloit College Porter Scholar.

While at BMHS, Emma has been involved with the BMHS Theatre, Student Senate, the Increscent, and Link Crew. She is also involved with One Voice and Roosters A Capella Group.

Emma would like to attend either Elmhurst College, Illinois Wesleyan University or Millikin University to major in theatre and Elementary Education.