Did You Know…


…..that many program and school choices are available WITHIN the School District of Beloit? We have: All-Day 4k, Dual-Language Immersion, Single-Gender program, Charter School, Beloit Learning Academy and online (virtual) learning to name a few!


…..state funding allows the School District of Beloit to keep student ratios in grades K-3 very low? SAGE standards are no more than 1 teacher to only 15-18 students!


……double classrooms allow team-teaching in which 2 full teachers have a class of no more than 30 students? This allows more flexible instructional grouping within the classroom and takes advantage of the strengths of TWO instructional leaders for the whole classroom, not just one.


……partnerships with both the business community and local colleges/universities allow students to get a huge head start on life? Whether it is free college credits or specialized training in the latest machining or nursing industries, our students graduate from the School District of Beloit with much more experience than is typical of a traditional school path.


…..that the School District of Beloit has visitors from schools across the country, looking to learn best practices from our teachers and administrators? Visitors have come from states such as Texas, Utah, New Mexico and Illinois, as well as districts from our own state of Wisconsin.


……that the School District of Beloit graduation rate is high? Our 4-year graduation rate of 83% is close to the state rate of 85.7% (and this state rate is tied for second highest rate in our country!).


…..that the School District of Beloit has won multiple state and national honors? Examples include: National Honor Roll for Advanced Placement Programming, U.S. Dept. of Education Blue Ribbon School, annual national and state academic awards for student-athletes, Wisconsin Schools of Recognition, and awards for instructional programming and positive climate.


…..that an intermediate school model (grades 4-8) was chosen to replace 4-5/6-8 schools to benefit students and families multiple ways? This model eliminates the grade 5-6 transition, gives more time for students to transition to a multiple classroom day and more nurturing “ele-middle” environment while providing school staff with more time to strengthen relationships with families.


…..that a community supportive of public education approved a $70Million referendum in April of 2012? The referendum directly impacted nine schools by giving more space for student learning, proper kitchens, safer drop-off/pick-up areas and an intermediate school model to keep supporting students and their families during the traditionally tough transition to middle school years – all at one of the lowest interest rates in history and high state reimbursement rates.