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Ardita Fadilovski was recognized as the Rotary Club of Beloit student this week. We caught up with Ardita’s parents, Sara and Eddie, to discuss their daughters’ achievement.


Rotary Club of Beloit | Student of the weekRotary Club of Beloit
Student of the Week
October 2016

Proud and Persevering

“It brings great honor to see our daughter achieve all her accomplishments throughout these past four years at Beloit Memorial” said Sara. “Her diligent work habits and focus started as a young child. As parent’s we taught her that nothing in life comes easy. You must work very hard to reach your goals.”

This hard work paid off. Ardita recently received the four-year Presidential Scholarship to Beloit College. Her parents were ecstatic about the scholarship. “It brought butterflies to my stomach, because of the positive impact it has on our families lives” said Sara.

Ardita accomplished a lot to reach this point. To start with, she is not a native English speaker. Her family is from Albania, and “as a young child, she spent a lot of time with her grandmother who only spoke Albanian. Despite these challenges, she mastered English. Furthermore, in high school she learned Spanish as well.”

She also maintained a straight “A” average as a student at Beloit Memorial. Her mom claims that her induction into the National Honor Society during her sophomore year propelled her to the next level.

The pride she had in her work improved drastically. For example, she would retake tests over and over that were a B+, just to get a better grade.

At the end of the day, Sara believes Ardita excelled because of the numerous teachers that helped her explore her eagerness to learn.

“We can’t thank the Beloit School District enough for giving our daughter an enriching experience over the past 12 years of school” said mom. Speaking of her daughter’s teachers, “they were there when she needed them. They would stay with her late and never said no to her requests for help or further explanations on a subject matter.” The “amazing teachers” at Beloit Memorial were there to help her succeed.


Personal Growth In Extra-Curricular’s

“As parents, we are proud of the direction Ardita chose. She seized the opportunities available to her.” Sara observed, “In high school, there are so many things you can do right or wrong, but Ardita chose the right path.”

That is why Ardita joined several extra-curricular programs instead. They exposed her to a diverse array of educational experiences she would not have had the opportunity to discover elsewhere.

These experiences provided her with a greater self-confidence in herself and all she does. “When children receive recognition for their work, it brings out the best in them. It encourages them to talk about what the future may bring.”

From One Parent To Another

Given their experience, when asked what guidance she might offer to younger parents just beginning their journey with school age children Sara offered, “As a parent, I would encourage mothers to talk to their child. Encourage and remind them why they are doing what they do. Paint that picture in the sky helping them to see it and run with it.”

Sara elaborated, “Be involved in your child’s life and show them love, no matter what. It all starts at home.” Ardita’s parents believe being there is what matters, not whether your child goes to a two or four-year university. It’s their choice.” Ever the proud father, Eddie chimed in, “You’ve never disappointed me.”



School Bio

Ardita Fadilovski has been selected as a Rotary Student of the Week. She is the daughter of Sara and Eddie Fadilovski.

Ardita has been a High Honor Roll student all four years at Beloit Memorial receiving awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement along with maintaining a cumulative GPA of 4.00. She has received the Superintendent Scholars Award and the World Languages Department Award. She was recognized with teh National Society of High School Scholars. Ardita is a member of the BMHS National Honor Society and a Beloit College Porter Scholar.

While at BMHS, Ardita has been involved in the BMHS International Club, Incresent Student Newspaper and Key Club. Athletically she is a member of the BMHS Girls Volleyball and Soccer teams where she was also recognized for her exemplary academic achievement.

Outside of BMHS, Ardita volunteers though Key Club and National honor Society service projects.

Ardita’s future plans are to attend Beloit College to major in Biochemistry followed by attending University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue becoming a pediatrician.